Curves. Real bodies are made up of them, how many and the size of them determines what shape we are. How we feel about that shape is a consequence of cultural, experience, education and on and on but the truth is, most of us do not have the right one. We do not like our shape, we do not like our bodies. Some people strive to reach perfection, are proud of what they achieve, the journey becomes their life story. For others it becomes the leaden weight that constantly weighs them down, life is such hard work, so pointless.

But what about the person inside the shape, no curves there. Inside we are like crystals, edges and facets, twisting and turning so that every person seeing us sees a different facet, a different shape. Crystals are amazing, wonders of nature, simple in construction, complex in their beauty and inside so are we. Today I will try and see the beauty inside others and hope they see some in me. In the words of the song

Shine on you crazy diamond



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