I pause, the rope held loosely in my hands, allowing you to see it as I slowly move my hands apart, left pinching the bight so as to extend a length between them. Your eyes lift to mine and my heart lifts at what I see there. Apprehension, desire, a question, I hold your gaze and see your decision, your eyes closing slightly, your shoulders dropping slightly as you slowly exhale.

I lift my hands up and over you, lowering the band of rope behind you, lower than it needs to be, brushing your back as I move it up and against your skin. As if seeking the perfect location I move it slightly from side to side, teasing you with it, knowing without looking your nipples will already have hardened just as if the rope had just caressed them instead. I move slowly around you, extend the rope through my fingers carefully, keeping it taught enough to wrap against the skin beneath your breasts and over your ribs, making the first wrap. I pull the free rope slowly through the bight ensuring the weave of the soft hemp moves across that of its counterpart, the rope around you thrumming gently.

The first wrap complete I start to move back in the opposite direction, pausing again in front of her, noting her eyes are unfocused, as she concentrates on the swirling thoughts and feelings the ropes touch stirs in her. I smile to myself loving the way her body sways slightly under the pull of the rope as I circle her with the second wrap, immediately above the first. Moving more confidently now I finish pulling it through before pinching the ropes in one hand so as to free the other to reach round in front of you.

I make sure to wrap my arm carefully around you as to check the rope is layed well against your skin, but truthfully it is so I can hold you between rope and arm, your head against my cheek. I feel you exhale with a slight sigh, your eyes fluttering closed, a vague smile playing on your soft, full lips.

The next two wraps, above your breasts are smooth but unhurried, your head now lolling forward as you relax in to my rope. Quietly I start to talk to you, of possibilities, making my voice your focus, guiding you to leave yourself in the care of my rope…….


Daily Prompt: Trance